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CNC Turning, CNC Milling & Laser Cutting for steel Spindle Weldments for the Industrial Cleaning Industry


spindle_weldmentTo manufacture these spindle weldments that are used on ridable floor cleaning equipment, Cosmos uses a combination of processes, including CNC turning of the spindle, milling of the laser cut plate, robotic welding, drilling, and threading. Using carbon steel as a base material, we hold a tight tolerance of +/- .0005" on the bearing surface of the spindle shaft. Each spindle weldment features a material thickness from 1/2" to 2-1/2", is 11" in length, 6" in width, 4" in height, and weighs about 7 pounds. These spindle weldments receive a yellow zinc finish. Typical run quantity is 300 units. We ship 50 units on a pallet at a time to our customer based on their need. This product has a typical lead time of 8-10 weeks.




Capabilities Applied/Processes   Turning, milling, laser cutting, robotic welding, drilling, threading
Tightest Tolerance   +/- .0005"
Material Thickness   ½" to 2 ½"
Product Length   11"
Product Width   6"
Product Height   4"
Product Weight   10#
Surface Roughness   63 RA
Base Material   Carbon Steel
Material Thickness Applied   .0003" - .0005"
Color   Yellow
Material finish   Zinc
Packaging   Palletized and wrapped
Industry for Use   Industrial Cleaning
Volume   300 per run