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CNC Turning, CNC Milling, and Heat Treating of Ductile Cast Iron Spindles for Industrial Cleaning Companies


front_spindleThis high strength cast spindle is CNC turned, CNC vertical milled, and then drilled and tapped. It is then sent to outside services for heat treat, and then plating. We produce these spindles from cast ductile iron. Typical quantities produced is 200 spindles. Throughout each process, we use our customer's in-process inspection plan. The tightest tolerance on this part is the bearing shaft, which is +/- .0013". Upon completion, all spindles are palletized and wrapped before delivery. Due to the amount of time required to get the raw casting, machine the parts, then heat treat and plate, lead time for these parts is typically 12 weeks.



Capabilities Applied/Processes   Turning, milling, drilling, tapping, heat treating
Tightest Tolerance   +/- .0013
Material Thickness   1 ¼"
Product Weight   6 ½"
Product Height   5"
Product Weight   9#
Surface Roughness   125 RA
Base Material   Ductile Iron Cast
Material Thickness Applied   .0003" - .0005"
Color   Clear
Material finish   Zinc
Packaging   Palletized and wrapped
Industry for Use   Industrial Cleaning
Volume   200 per purchase order