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CNC Milling with a compound angle, along with Drilling & Tapping of  Ductile Iron Cast Suspension Arms for the Agriculture Industry



We have manufactured thousands of these cast ductile iron suspension arms for agricultural seeders here at Cosmos Enterprises, Inc. Processes used include angle milling, drilling, and tapping capabilities. We hold a +/- .0016 tolerance. Made of ductile cast iron, which we supply in the per piece cost of the units, each arm is 36" in length, 6" in width, 4" in height and weighs 65 pounds. We maintain a surface finish of 125 RA on the machined surfaces. After manufacturing, each suspension arm is palletized, and delivered according to the client's predetermined just-in-time delivery schedule. The product takes 6 weeks to complete.




Capabilities Applied/Processes   Milling, Drilling and Tapping
Tightest Tolerance   +/- .0016
Product Length   36"
Product Width   6"
Product Height   4"
Product Weight   65#
Surface Roughness   125 RA
Base Material   Ductile Iron Cast
Packaging   Palletized
Industry for Use   Agriculture
Volume   250 - 2500 per purchase order