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Steel Shaft Assemblies for the Hydropower Industry - This is one large bolt!!!!!


Using pre-hardened 4140 and 1045 materials, Cosmos Enterprises, Inc. manufactured 18 of these shaft assemblies for use in generators in the hydropower industry.  Employing a combination of turning with a live center, milling, deep hole gun drilling, and heat treating, we held a +/- .004 tolerance during manufacturing process.

Each large shaft assembly measured 25" long, weighed 200 lbs., and featured a 32 RA surface roughness. The large shaft assemblies were then palletized and delivered. The entire project took 6 to 8 weeks, from start to finish.

Pictured next to a standard caliper for size comparison




Capabilities Applied/Processes   Sawing, turning with live center, milling, deep hole drilling, heat treating
Tightest Tolerance   +/- .004
Product Length   25"
Product Weight   200#
Surface Roughness   32 RA
Base Material   Pre-hardened 4140 and 1045
Packaging   Palletized
Industry for Use   Hydro Power
Volume   18