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CNC Machining Serving the Minneapolis and Surrounding Area


Liquid Pumps Manufacturer

We are a certified CNC machining supplier for a company in Minneapolis that manufactures fluid pumps. The parts machining process for the liquid pump parts include CNC turning of aluminum castings and vertical milling of bar stock aluminum. These parts also require tight tolerance machining, and have a customer required inspection plan. We have been meeting these customer's requirements for almost 20 years!



Precision Milling & Turning Solutions

We know your parts need to be precise and our specified to you and your industry, which is why we custom machine your parts using CNC vertical milling, CNC turning and fabricating. Let our machine shop complete your parts on time, and with the accuracy required for your business in Minneapolis.


Contact us today and discover how your manufacturing needs can be met with Cosmos Enterprises.



Custom Parts. Custom Made in the U.S.A.