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Quality Done With a Purpose

Since Cosmos' early beginnings we have believed in only delivering a quality product. We are not satisfied with anything less; it's what we stand for, products we can stand behind. Cosmos' passion for quality is evident in every piece of the quality process. Every part is inspected to ensure the product is delivered to your exact specifications. Our high standards are a combination of a continuously improving Quality Management System (QMS), our processes, our management direction, and most importantly our employees.

We utilize in-process inspection during the production of your parts, and our stringent final inspection process includes state of the art CMM and VMS checks, to ensure that the parts that we send out the door are exactly what you expect when they arrive at your production facility.


The following objectives are monitored and recorded monthly:

  • Customer Satisfaction: Used to continuously improve all aspects of customer interaction.
  • Quality: Measured by the number of product non-conformities discovered internally with the goal being the leading indicator of the TTM trend line to be at or below 3 non-conformities per month.
  • On-Time Delivery: Shows Cosmos controlled on-time delivery. We compare shipped dates to promised dates with the goal of being 98% or better.
  • Staff Improvement: Measured by comparing the number of certifications acquired to the number of certifications required with the goal being 95% or better.


On Time Every Time

Our QMS is designed to give our customers the confidence that we do what we say and we do it on time every time. All management, technical, and production personnel completely embrace and understand our company quality objectives through on-going training and education.