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CNC Machining Serving the White Bear Lake Area


Automatic Feeding Equipment Manufacturer

One of our customers in White Bear Lake MN, manufactures automatic feeding equipment for the printing industry. Their customized machined parts are produced on either our vertical milling machines or our bar fed CNC lathes. Due to the nature of these parts, they involve complex machining with exacting tolerances. They are typically finished with either anodized or an electro less nickel finish. We have had the opportunity to manufacture parts for this customer since 2005.



Customized Precision CNC Machining Solutions

Like the automatic feeder equipment parts above, your parts customization will be a CNC process all its own. We work with all manufacturing industries in the White Bear Lake and surrounding areas, and customize a process specifically for your parts. Our services for manufacturing parts include CNC vertical milling, CNC turning and fabricating. Let us help you fine tune your manufacturing process and provide you with accurate and precise parts on time.

Contact us today for a quote, and discover how your part needs can be met with Cosmos Enterprises.




Custom Parts. Custom Made in the U.S.A.